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Vietnam Visa

DH Visa


1A – What DH visa is.

DH stands for “Du Hoc” (Study abroad), DH visa is issued to foreign pupils, students who come to study or serve internship. The duration of a DH visa is not longer than 12 months.

1B – Who can for DH visa

Foreigner who comes to study and serve internship in Vietnam must have written acceptance of a school or an education institution in Vietnam;

Visa Vietnam - DH visa


2. How to get Vietnam DH visa

2.1 Get DH visa approval letter via from inviting education institution

Foreigner via inviting education institution could apply written request for DH visa approval letter. Click here to see procedures for booking DH visa approval letter via

Important information and documents for DH visa approval letter: legal information and document of inviting education institution; written agreement between the oversea university, college and those in Vietnam or a written acceptance from the Vietnam school or education institution determined right students, training schedule and other information; personal information shown in applicants passports; date, port of entry and exit; place to get entry visa, single entry or multiple entries… 

DH visa

2.2- Get DH visa

– Visa approval letter is a written response from the Vietnam Immigration Department to inviting organization and visa-issusing authority agree for specified foreigners with detailed personal information can be issued from determinded visa-issusing authority. It can be in Vietnamese only or dual languages in Vietnamses and English.

– Within 05 working days from the receipt of the application, The Immigration Department shall check out, consider, send a written response to the inviting education institution. We will email granted DH visa approval letter, applicants should check out all information, feedback us as soon as possible to correct if something is wrong.

– Foreigners separatly follow procedures for receiving their visas, we will email guidelines in detail depending on determined request of following cases:

+ Get DH visa at overseas visa-issuing authority of Vietnam (Vietnam Embassy, Vietnam General Representative,…), click here to see List of overseas visa-issuing authority of Vietnam, or

+ Get DH visa at Vietnam Int’l airports, click here to see List of Vietnam Int’l airports, or

+ Get DH visa at Vietnam Int’l land border checkpoints, click here to see List of Vietnam international land border checkpoints.

Keep contact with us for free consulting, guildlines during your trip in Vietnam, such as: get lost your passport, visa, overdue stay, apply, extend, renew TT visa for spouse and children…

DH visa

DH Visa

3-  Visa extension, DH visa renewal and DH Temporary residence card

DH visa extension is a permission from an immigration authority that a foreigner who holds DH visa can extend his stay in a determined period of time in accordance to written request from the inviting education institution.

DH visa renewal is a permission from an immigration authority that a foreigner who holds DH visa can extend his stay in a determined period of time with a new DH multiple entries visa in accordance to written request from the from the inviting education institution.

Click here to check quotation and consultion for visa extension or DH visa renewal.

Visa extension

3.1- Which basic documents required for extension or DH visa renewal

NA5 form for visa extension/ DH visa renewal (certified from inviting education institution);

NA6, NA8 forms for DH Temporary residence card (certified from inviting education institution);

– Origin passport with valid DH visa;

– Certified registration of residential stay (if you have) or ask the student hostel for printout from “Online Declaration Temporary Residence for Foreigner” system;

DH visa approval letter;

3.3- Processing time: within 5-7 working days.


– In some special cases, children who accompanied parents and have TT, VR, DN visas can get DH visa if they have written acceptance from education institution in Vietnam.

– Foreigner having DH temporary residence card or DH visa may invite or sponsor spouse and children below 18 years of age to visit Vietnam.


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